Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My 5 favourite perfumes ♥

It's not often that I speak about perfume, simply because I'm utterly pants at describing scents. Grade A rubbish at it to be exact. That said, I quite fancied writing about my favourites as I don't seem to be picking up any others in my collection.

I feel like Paco Rabanne Lady Million has fast become a hit and a complete classic over the last couple of years. I have no idea how to describe it apart from to say it's feminine, yet sophisticates and glamorous at the same time. In my personal opinion it's perfect both for day and night wear, it's fruity and definitely has a hint of honey to it. I couldn't be without a bottle these days.

The name English Pear and Freesia pretty much sums up this beautiful Jo Malone Cologne. It's the only Jo Malone fragrance I own and when I chose it, I wanted to avoid the classic Blackberry and Bay and try something different. This is fruity and completely grown up, I save it for super special occasions because the price tag is a little eye watering ;)

I've been wearing Prada Candy for a few years now and thankfully the name has stuck in my Dad's head - he keeps me well stocked when he goes through duty free! In-keeping with the general theme running through my perfumes, this is super sweet and super girly. It's quite spicy when first applied but (fun fact!) the bottom note is caramel so this soon settles into a gorgeous, feminine scent. I originally bought it as Prada described it as "an excessive fragrance with too much of everything" which I thought was me all over!

My 'cheapy but goodie' of the bunch has to be Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction - the price varies depending on special offers but I've never paid more than £11. Similarly to the Jo Malone above, this contains freesia. When I'm wearing it and people ask what it is they're astonished to discover it's a perfume costing less than £20. Pure Seduction is my favourite line from VS, I regularly use the shower gel, body lotion, body spray and eau de toilette ♥

Last but absolutely not least is my beloved Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb - I actually avoided this for years because I thought it was over hyped, over priced, and over worn by most of my friends. For years on end I would smell it in shops or at airports and turn my nose up. I'm not sure what changed but roughly two years ago I fell in love with it and asked for a bottle for my birthday... I have never looked back! I went through a phase of dousing myself in the stuff and half choking all of my friends and family but hey, it just smells too good! This is sweet and fruity but also really refreshing, the perfect summer scent for me. ♥

What are your favourite perfumes at the minute? If they're similar to mine do you have any recommendations for me?


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Scrub 'em & leave 'em!

Over the last few months I've been trying out all of the Soap&Glory body scrubs. I had quite a stash building up and wanted to use them as Christmas was a long time ago!

I tried Flake Away (amazing results but too oily for my liking), Sugar Crush (amazing scent but I found it a bit sticky), Breakfast Scrub (smells literally good enough to eat but there are some big 'scrubby bits' that just dropped off as I was using it so I found it quite messy and annoying), the Scrub of Your Life (my favourite one if I just want a gentle and quick buff, it's not as 'hardcore' as the others), Pulp Friction (didn't like it at all) and my favourite (so far!), Scrub 'Em & Leave 'Em:
,br>SE&LE is packed full of babassu oil, sea salt and jojoba and mandarin oils and is scented with the Mist You Madly fragrance - it smells so gorgeous and feminine!

One of my favourite things about SE&LE is that the 'scrubby bits' are quite fine so you don't find that big blobs of it plop onto the shower floor whilst you're scrubbing and it's really easy to rinse off. It really does get rid of every last bit of dry skin (and was particularly handy when my sunburn started to peel!) I love to use this over my whole body and then apply whichever lotion, body butter or oil I'm using at the time.

At £8 it's not the cheapest body scrub on the high street but it's well worth the extra few pounds as the 300ml tub is huge and will last ages :)

Thanks for reading! xo