Wednesday, 1 October 2014

TOTD: Orly Color Blast in 'Royal Navy'

I've been umm'ing and ahh'ing over this post for a couple of days because to be quite frank, I have horrible feet - properly minging feet!

Why is that an issue? This colour is undoubtedly a 'toe colour' - it's completely stunning and so vivid and sparkly and I adore it but I just couldn't bring myself to take a photo of my feet and subject you all to seeing it :( I mean is there ever a flattering angle for a big toe?

My solution? I took a little video (these are fast becoming my all-time favourite way of showing nail polishes!

See how pretty it is? Perhaps next time I paint my nails at a glittery cobalt blue appropriate time I'll share an NOTD of it. For now I'll just keep wiggling my toes and admiring how stunning and eye catching this is! ♥


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Beauty: Nair Washable Roll On Wax

Hey there!

Ever since having my first ever Hollywood wax (blog post here, I've had more since!) I've been obsessed with waxing. The results are incomparable to shaving or hair removal cream and the hair really does grow back finer, paler and slower.

I was recently sent the Nair Argan Oil Washable Roll On Wax to try and emboldened by my fairly high (I think) pain threshold for Hollywood waxing I thought I'd give this a go on my legs!

This literally couldn't be easier to use:

1. If the bottle is full you heat it in the microwave for 25-30 seconds, if it's half full then 15-20 (depending on your microwave wattage).

2: You then slowly roll the applicator on the area you want to wax in the direction of the hair growth until it's approx the length of one strip

3: Quickly place the non-woven strip onto the wax and press down firmly

4: Hold the skin taught and rip the wax off in the opposite direction to application.

That's it! It's so quick and easy! All you do to remove any wax residue is wash your skin and the applicator and strips by soaking them in warm soapy water. No messy oily removal with this little gem!

I found this removed all of my hairs, even the slightly shorter ones. They didn't start to grow back for about 2 weeks after waxing and I didn't need to wax again for 4 weeks, amaaaaazing :)

This costs £12.99 and you can buy it here.

Thanks for reading! xo